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The first settlers reached Liberia's shores in 1816 on a U.S. Navy ship supported by grants from the U.S. Treasury filled with freed slaves to spearhead black resettlement of Africa's west coast.
The nation was created in a missionary move of freed American slaves. There is a profound Christian Heritage and deep historical connection with the United States.
English, French and various tribal tongues are spoken are widely spoken.

Liberia has recently ended 15 years of Civil War. This amazingly resilient people is coming back strong, but there is so much damage and are so many wounded people. The population is fractured and government is struggling.
This is a strategic hour for change.

UNODC reports that ... of 150,000 ex-combatants recently disarmed, 75% admitted drug abuse and addiction . . . from marijuana, to heroin, to cocaine and diazepam. They were given $150.00 and a bag of rice as they turned in their weapon. (that $150,00 could then be used to by 3 new weapons.) In 60 days they received a second $150.00. These violent, guilt ridden excombatants were then released to the streets with no help, no solutions, and no support. A dangerous foreboding that the "real war" ... for their hearts and lives is just be beginning. The central regions of Liberia are now a strategic hotspot as marijuana fields raised and protected by them present a mounting threat.

Now, Teen Challenge Liberia hopes to plant be a growing, vibrant, discipleship ministry using the proven regimen of Teen Challenge International under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in partnership with over 1,000 programs in 85 nations. Not rehab ... This is more than rehabilitation, it is RESURRECTION!
  A study of homeless drug users in Mon rovia by CDARI evaluating socio-demographic influences for cocaine dependence to the SATC (Substances Abuse Treatment Centre) revealed that 86% of the addicts are between the ages of 20 and 39 years and 45% had a positive family history of substance abuse.

Often drug debts in Liberia are no longer paid in money - but settled by human trafficking because if the debt is paid in US or Liberian Freedom Dollars, when the money is spent, it is gone. On the other hand, a young girl can be "spent" over and over.

~~If you get a young virgin as debt exchange, her virginity services one expensive client.
~~As a girl she serves another clientele.
~~As a Teen she serves them at the next level.
~~As a young lady she becomes a consistent earner.
~~When there is no market for her when she he older,
~~~~~~~ she can be killed, dissected and organs sold to the highest bidder.

~~~~~~~~ Thank you for your partnership! ~~~~~~~~~~
We could not reach them without your prayers and support.
May we never forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.


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