TC LIBERIA HEADER FLAG Address-PO Box 10-4307-Monrovia
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In the heart of Liberia with
LIBERIA at heart.

A Non-denominational Christ-Centered Ministry.
Teen Challenge Liberia
PO Box 10-4307
Monrovia, Liberia
Phone: 231-770 20646
or 06-531232
Teen Challenge Liberia has been granted provisional permission to use the name Teen Challenge to launch a cutting edge ministry for Liberia. The program offers more than just a a residential care program for men age 16 and up and outreach strategies.
TC LIBERIA offers "LIFE help" for alcoholics, drug addicts, substance abusers and individuals with life-controlling problems.
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LIBERIA TEEN CHALLENGE ... Providing visionary leadership, direction and coordination to the emerging  strategic Teen Challenge initiative in Liberia.
GLOBAL TEEN CHALLENGE is not a funding organization.
They are a service organization. They will not start the ministry, but they
will provide curriculum, resources, and training drawn from their 50 years of experience in powerful outreach that have made them the most successful program in the world for drug addiction intervention, rehab and cure (see left) and relationship with other Teen Challenge across Africa and around the world.

This is a Liberian Ministry

~~ owned by Liberians
~~ funded by Liberians
~~ operated by Liberians
~~ serving Liberia's most needy people.

A quick view of ministry on the street in "Red Light." This video clip takes you with us on a typical night of ministry for Teen Challenge in Liberia.
Treatment: launching a 15 month residential program for men.
Intervention: Concerned counseling and community care.
Prevention: Drug awareness Teams outreach on streets, schools and community.
Modeling the practical compassion based ministry of Jesus by addressing basic human needs of addicts bound by addiction, women and their children through feeding, housing, education, training and residential care.

Offering each resident the opportunity to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and offer practical tools to become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, and physically well, now that they are spiritually alive.


1. Evangelism/Education
Community based programs- focus is on educating and empowering the public on substance abuse through:
~ • Distribution of literature to individuals, churches & organizations
~ • Character Development and Drug Prevention at schools
2. Crisis Intervention
~~ • Personal and family counseling
~~ • Outpatient and employees assistance programs.
3. Rehabilitation
~~ • We are working with the Central Prison in cell rehab.
~~ • Aftercare and follow-up programs.
4. Vocational Training-
~~ • Though we may not initially offer a diploma'd skills training program.
~~We will prepare them for the workplace with basic employment skills

~~like honesty, being on time, creativity, initiative and problem solving.


Work Therapy
The primary goal of work therapy is to teach the individual proper attitudes toward work. The individual is assigned to work detail at the compound or in the community for three or more hours each day to apply their knowledge and skill.
This year- we have the help YTEPP in area of vocational training

Group Therapy
Group therapy sessions are incorporated into weekly schedule of the Teen Challenge program. These are structured around specific issues relevant to the needs of the residents. Regular daily classes deal with different life-related issues and involve lectures plus significant discussions by the residents regarding means of applying these teachings to their personal lives.  

Individual Therapy
The goal of individual therapy is to join mind, body and spirit. This process is achieved by reality therapy and psycho-synthesis which allow the individual to become aware of his body, his emotions and his past experiences; to be able to “look,” “touch” and “live” with them and to go forward from that point.
~~ This in then integrated into a holistic "real life" model where the resident embraces the spiritual truth of God's love, power to change and the absolute of God's word in their life. A root of Teen Challenge is moving from the characteristics of addictive behavior, to taking responsibility, forming "life goals" and achieving God's destiny for their lives.

Music Therapy
Music is included as a regular part of daily chapel services. Individuals are encouraged to participate in the Teen Challenge Choir and Steel Pan group. During visits to churches and schools and at various functions, residents sing, do drama presentations and tell their stories of being trapped by addictions and how they found freedom.

Recreational Therapy
Several recreational activities are provided to help in conditioning relaxation and fun. Learning how to enjoy ones leisure time without using drugs is considered a vital part of the restoration process.



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